LMRA enrolment mandatory for expats

Foreign workers who have not completed their enrolment process at the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) will not be allowed to renew their work visas or change jobs from July 1.

As per the new regulations, employers will also be penalised if they fail to ensure that their expatriate workers are enrolled at the LMRA.

Failure to do this by the end of this month will mean that the employer’s transactions with LMRA will be suspended. Continue reading

Legal Voice

I am already a resident in bahrain, is there a wayto check my visa? And how can I stay informed of any changes to my status at LMRA?

LMRA, has created the expat portal, for expats to stay informed and connected with LMRA all the time. Through the expat portal, you will be able to see your details, visa status and expiry date, details of your dependents, etc. Continue reading

Legal Voice

What can I do if my emploer had cancelled my visa while on holiday out of Bahrain? Is this legal?According to “The labour law for the private sector, 1976 promulgated by AMIRI  decree no. 23 of 1976′ articles 106 to 119, it is illegal to terminate a worker’s contract (and subsequently his work permit) while worker in onn leave. Continue reading

Legal Voice

If I have an employment contract for a certain period of time and I resign before my contract expires, can my employer charge me for the work visa and government related fees? No, the employer is not allowed to charge you for work permit/visa fees , but they have the right to sue for damages ( As a result of the breach – or premature cancellation of a time-specified contract ). Continue reading