Legal Voice

What can I do if my emploer had cancelled my visa while on holiday out of Bahrain? Is this legal?According to “The labour law for the private sector, 1976 promulgated by AMIRI  decree no. 23 of 1976′ articles 106 to 119, it is illegal to terminate a worker’s contract (and subsequently his work permit) while worker in onn leave.

LMRA also demands that the employer informs the employee before termination and both the employer and the employee need to sign the termination form. It is also the employer’s responsibility to upload the form on to the system for each termination application. Those found submitting forged information or signatures will be referred to the public prosecutor.

If an expat’s visa was cancelled while he/she was out of Bahrain during an approved leave, he/she needs to seek legal assistance in their home country or in Bahrain, in order to submit a formal cpmlait “unlawful dismissal” at the ministry of labour or file a court case against the employer.

I am a female expat employee working in Bahrain, or a Baharini female married to an expat, can I apply to sponsor my husband as my direct dependent?

Unfortunalty this is not possible, female expat employee as well as Bahraini females married to non-GCC Nationals cannot sponsor their husbands on a “dependent” visa, husbands’ applications must be submitted through any employer as a normal ” work visa”.