Legal Voice

How can I Track my visa Applications?

You need to get the application numbers (Application ID) from the employer, representative who applied for you or your family. Once you have that Application ID, you can follow – it up online through LMRA’s Web services. Please note that according to our procedures we can only discuss visa application related matters and follow – ups with the persons who have been registered at LMRA as authorized / responsible persons, and we can not disclose this information directly to the concerned employees and their families.

I am a female expat emploee working in Bahrain; can I sponsor my children as my direct dependents?

This is only possible if the children’s father is not a Bahraini or resident in Bahrain. (i.e. the mother is a widow, divorcee, separated, etc.) these cases should first be referred to the General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residency – GDNPR for special approval before an application can be submitted to LMRA.

Can I apply for my Mother / Father / Brother / Sister as a dependent to reside with me in Bahrain?

No, LMRA can only process visas for expat employees and their direct dependents. Only the wife and children of the employee can be regarded as a direct dependents; this status cannot extended to parents or brothers, sisters etc, (expat children’s visas can only be issued by LMRA until they reach 18).

Any other type of visa (Like visit visas, investor visas, special cases, children over 18 etc.) is dealt with, directly by the General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residency – GDNPR.