Legal Voice

What Should I do if I am being subject to verbal or physical abuse or harassment?
This does not fall within the jurisdication of LMRA, as it is an alleged criminal offense.
If somebody is a witness to or a subject to abuse, harassment or any form of attack, the person has to report it immediately to the police. It does not matter whether the suspect is the employer or anyone else.

We suggest that you contact the nearset police station, if you need their location or telephone numbers you can find some useful numbers on the Ministry of Interior’s website or you could call the Emergency Police Services on 999.

What about other types of residency visas for expats, or visit visas, business Visas etc. ?

Entry and residency visas are under the jurisdication of the GDNPR. LMRA only deals with work visas for expats and family visas for their dependents as one stop service.
All other types of visas are done outside LMRA and directly at the GDNPR.

What should I do if my (or my family’s) details shown on LMRA’s e-services or the expat portal are not correct?

This means that the information that we have about you has not been updated. In that case the employer needs to submit an e-support ticket through and upload the relevant documents.