Legal Voice

What is foreign employee enrolment?
Foreign employee’s enrolment is a bio-data collection campaign for all foreign employees working in Bahrain and their family members.

It is compulsory that all the exptriate employees are enrolled, we need to see their original CPR and we would take their digital signature and fingerprints (fanily members also needto be enrolled).

Through this process we also make sure their correct details and photo-graphs are taken by our systems. This procedure is done because at a later date smart cards will be issued for all, so we need to have all details in our data base to inform CIO in order to issue the cards at a later stage, it would also help us fight against fraud and passports forgery.

There are no penalties against the foreign workers if they don’t enrol, but when our inspectors execute their job and verify the foreigner’s identity they will need more time if the data has not beenalready recorded in our database.

During inspection the foreigner should presenthis CPR, work visa and all related documents. Furthermore, sometimes the inspectors could arrest the foreigner if they can not prove his or her identity and there isn’t any information in LMRA data base especially if his or her name closely resembles or matches that of an illegal foreigner.

How do we apply for a family visa for a child born in Bahrain?

After, obtaining a new passport for the child you need to update their details ( and open a file) in GDNPR then apply for the chil’d family visa through LMRA. You must enter the correct CPR number on the application (the CPR number is printed on the birth certificate issued in Bahrain).