Attended by Supreme Judicial Council, Trafficking in Persons Prosecution, Ministry of Interior and Labour Market Regulatory Authority.. RCoE Holds a Workshop on “Consolidating Coordination among Competent Authorities on Combating Labour Exploitation”.. Al-Alawi: Unifying Visions and Concepts is Essential to Reinforce the Mechanisms of Trafficking in Persons’ Case Management.

Labour Market Regulatory Authority’s (LMRA) Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the National Committee for Combating Trafficking in Persons, H.E. Jamal Abdulaziz Al Alawi, stressed the importance of unifying concepts and visions on exploitation practices in workplace. He underlined the importance of the ongoing coordination among concerned authorities and the reinforcement of trafficking in persons’ case management mechanisms. Continue reading

LMRA Officials Receive US Congress Delegation.. US Congress Delegation Reviews LMRA Initiatives and Hails Insurance System for Domestic Workers

The US Congress Delegation, Who visited the Kingdom of Bahrain recently , hailed the significant role assumed by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) in fostering and nurturing the work environment in conformity with the highest international standards which fully safeguard the rights of work-relationship parties. Continue reading

Bahrain’s human trafficking fight draws US recognition

Human trafficking is one of the world’s most rampant human rights violations and, sadly, one of its most profitable crimes. A select group of countries is making efforts to fight the scourge — among them is Bahrain, which has implemented an oper-door policy for its citizens to report suspected human trafficking crimes. Continue reading

Bahrain’s record is impressive

AS we mark the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, I, on behalf of the Embassy of the Philippines, the Republic of the Philippines and most of all, the over 50,000 overseas Filipinos living and working in Bahrain, extend congratulations on the Kingdom of Bahrain’s attainment of Tier 1 status in the US Department of State classification of States in Combating Trafficking in Persons. Continue reading

The Philippine Embassy dispense with self-accommodation and relies on Expat Protection Centre

Expanding on the growing ties between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of the Philippines, the LMRA has stressed that it is committed to providing services to ensure the welfare of Filipino workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Continue reading

National Referral Mechanism goes digital

Bahrain’s counter-trafficking efforts continue to make massive leaps both regionally and globally as its National Referral Mechanism (NRM) goes digital.The NRM is a multi-layered process that acts as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to manage the cases of victims experiencing exploitative abuse of any kind, Continue reading