LMRA’s key role hailed

Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) is one of the components of economic reform within His Majesty King Hamad’s comprehensive development project.

It has evolved over the past 13 years to keep abreast of market trends in line with the Kingdom’s general economic policy.

LMRA chief executive Ausamah Alabsi made the statements during a live discussion with the public and media channels, held remotely, as part of “Tarabot 2” programme organised by Bahrain Institute for Political Development.

It aimed to establish a platform for communication between citizens and officials.

LMRA is responsible for the protection of expatriate workers’ wages and their protection from violations. It’s also in charge of combating trafficking in persons, he said.

An expat sheltering centre was set up in Sehla, Mr Al Absi pointed out, describing it as a unique model in dealing with human trafficking cases as acknowledged by the UN and international delegations who visit the centre on a regular basis.
The centre provides various services.