A crowning achievement

21 October 2010
More than 10,000 citizens helped to find jobs
Under the leadership of outgoing chief executive Abdulellah Al Qassimi,   has helped more than 10,000 people find jobs over the past four years.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DT, Al Qassimi stated that this is a great achievement that he is very proud of.

“I think  supported Bahrainis to be the first choice in employment. It also helped the private sector by supporting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and companies to grow. This is an achievement for me. This is what makes me proud. More than 10,000 people have been helped.” Despite

the magnitude of the work carried out by the labour fund, Al Qassimi said that the challenges faced were never too daunting. “I don’t think there was ever anything difficult to do. The only challenge was that there were too many things to do.”

“We wanted to achieve so many things in such a short time. But getting the right training providers, the right programmes, support from the private sector and the regulators – all of these made the job easier. We have been fortunate to have the EDB and the Board of Directors who have given their support to  ,” he said.

“It was not a difficult project but was a long process. Fortunately, we also had the support of the Crown Prince who was always behind us. He also gave us a lot of guidance.” Asked what advice he would give his successor, Al Qassimi stated: “Be patient. You have to maintain links with everybody in Bahrain whether they are Members of Parliament, the ministries, the private sector or trainees.””The incumbent has to build a lot of trust in ‘s partners because they are our partners in achieving its objectives.

He should also trust his staff who are really great.” Describing his role over the past four years, the high-level official stated that the chief executive must “stand to the challenges that the country is facing such as creating an excellent workforce for Bahrain.”

“He must listen to everybody and communicate with them. He must also be creative and bold and be out there and venture into projects that people don’t usually do. He should be daring enough to take risks,” AlQassimi added.

Commenting on the criticism that  and LMRA have faced from businessmen, he stated: “It is always common to have critics. But if they look into the benefits of LMRA and , it can easily be seen that these programmes benefit the country.”

“If one considers the financial support provided by  , this far exceeds what people have paid in fees…. The fees that are collected, go back to the private sector – 80 per cent of them. It’s like

you’re paying but getting it back.” “Once people start to see the benefits of a skilled Bahraini workforce, I think they will recognise that this is quite

an achievement for both LMRA and . We should look at the whole picture and not just the fees.”

“Of course, as usual, we only hear those who are complaining. Those who are satisfied do not speak out. I think there are really so many people benefiting.

Just look at the easiness and transparency of obtaining work permits and the benefits you get from