Bahrainis employment and wages increases by 2.1%

Posted on » Sunday, August 01, 2010

The number of employed Bahrainis increased to 139,347 showing a positive annual growth rate of 0.5%, in addition, the total number of employed persons in Bahrain decreased from 607,570 in Q2 2009 to 597,040 at the end of Q2 2010 representing a negative annual growth rate of -1.7%. For non-Bahraini workers, the decrease was -2.4%. Continue reading

Over 1,000 Bangladeshis mob embassy for Easy Exit

Over a thousand people converged on the Bangladesh Embassy yesterday to avail of the Easy Exit scheme for illegal residents.Staff at the mission were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people seeking help and were  eventually able to process only around 500 individuals. Continue reading

Ambassadors to be briefed on new amnesty procedures

The ambassadors of several countries will tomorrow be briefed by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) on the procedural protocol that must be followed when processing the paperwork of expatriates seeking to avail themselves of an amnesty declared by the authorities last week.

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Clampdown on illegal workers to be stepped up

The National Committee for tackling the problem of illegal labour in the Kingdom yesterday held its third meeting at the premises of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority where officials discussed efforts by the Kingdom’s various authorities to clamp down on illegal workers through various raids and inspection campaigns.

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Four airlines agree to help illegal workers leave Bahrain

Four airlines have agreed to provide low priced tickets to expatriates taking advantage of the ongoing Easy Exit scheme. The airlines include the Kingdom’s national carrier Gulf Air, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Air India Express and Jet Airways which will all offer discounted prices.

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