LMRA to Open New Expat Service Units Tomorrow

IMG_9072(resized)The Labour Market’s Regulatory Authority (LMRA) will launch two new units to serve expatriates in the North Sitra industrial area and Al Naim (Al Razi Health Centre) tomorrow.The units will have highly qualified and skilled personnel. The two units will collect biological information about the expatriates in the Kingdom and their families and answer their queries. They will deliver other services from later onwards.

The two facilities come within LMRA’s policy to facilitate transactions and provide the best services for expats, LMRA CEO Ausamah Al Absi said as he inspected the units ahead of their inauguration tomorrow, adding that more branches will be opened in the kingdom within the next few months.

The first unit is located in the Industrial Zone of Sitra on the Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Street in front of a petrol station, and the Naim unit at Al Razi Medical Centre. The committee is also looking forward to build one extra unit in Mina Salman before the end of this year.

Al Absi said that this step comes in progress after the of the success achieved by the Authority in providing issuance of work permits for domestic labour services through five post offices in addition to the headquarters of the main body since last September. That encouraged them to expand the framework to provide more services through a number of branches.

He pointed out that these unit services for expats will be limited to collecting biological information as well as their family information in the first phase with (electronic fingerprint). Then expat workers would answer public inquiries, which would be expanded by adding more services at a later stage.

He explained that the main objective is to contribute to the potential for workers to resort to these offices to inquire about any information relating to their work environment, their rights and duties.

He added that this step would contribute to improving the quality of service provided that the waiting time would be reduced and it would and ease the pressure on the Authority’s headquarters, especially since there is a growth in the number of transactions being completed in the range of 3000 to 4000 on a daily basis, therefore traffic congestion in the area will ease.

Opening hours in these units will be on the working period of five days a week (Sunday through Thursday) from 7.30am until 3pm.