LMRA Suspends Agency’s Licence


The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) suspended the license of a recruitment agency in the Kingdom as the agency provided a family with a sick maid . The maid was suffering from liver infection, said LMRA Director of planning and licencing, Hassan Al Rahma, adding that the agency was fully aware of her condition.

Mr. Al Rahma added that appropriate measures have been taken against the agency, in cooperation with other official bodies in the Kingdom.

When the head of the family took the maid for a health check-up, he came to know about her disease. He immediately returned her to the agency, which sent her to another family.

Warning the labour rule violators, Mr. Al Rahma added that LMRA pays utmost attention to the safety of citizens and residents.

Meanwhile he informed that LMRA is inspecting agencies every three months and the authority will also create a section to receive complaints from citizens, especially against agencies and runaway maids.

On the other hand, he pointed that the authority has received 68 licence requests for recruitment agencies. 19 of them got the approvals, while 30 other applications failed to meet the required terms and conditions and four others were missing necessary details. 15 are under process, he added.