LMRA’s CEO receives US Embassy’s official


Chief Executive Officer of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Osama bin Abdullah Al-Absi today received Deputy Head of Political and Economic Department at the U.S. Embassy, Mrs. Rebecca Ann Severn.

LMRA’s CEO briefed the American official on the policies pursued by the LMRA for reforming the labor market, and the steps taken to ensure the freedom of movement of foreign labor locally and safeguard their rights, in order to serve the national economy and support the private sector’s role in line with Bahrain’s obligations under the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

He asserted the partnership among the three production parties (government, business owners and workers), and the LMRA’s commitment to workers’ rights and commitment to the relevant conventions.

Deputy Head of Political and Economic Department commended the advanced system adopted by the LMRA which is designed to bring about comprehensive reforms in the labor market and ensures labor’s rights.