LMRA considers the needs of private health sector

Manama: Feb. 22 – (BNA) LMRA CEO Osama Abdullah Al-Absi discussed the needs of private clinics during a meeting, held last Sunday (19 Feb. 2012) in the Authority’s Head Office with the Health Sector and Medical Services Committee in Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), and chaired by Dr. Khalid Al-Awadhi and attended by Dr. Hanan Marefi, Dr. Aysha Matar and Dr. Tariq Saeed.
Al-Absi presented sufficiently detailed briefing on LMRA and its work systems, defined the system of Bahrainization and LMRA’s exceptional facilitations and supporting private sector establishments and developing business licensure services. Clinics representatives reviewed the sector’s needs, and explored measurement of work volume and the needs of private clinics for specialized expatriate medical workers, in addition to non-medical needs where Bahraini nationals could be employed in compliance with LMRA-approved systems.

LMRA CEO revealed that most medical clinics, centers and hospitals are compliant with the prescribed ratio of Bahrain-to-Non-Bahraini workers and that studies indicated that a few of them are non-compliant and that work is currently underway to find appropriate solutions, and expressed LMRA’s readiness to find creative solutions to the problems facing this sector in cooperation with the Medical Professions’ Regulatory Authority (MPRA) and the sector itself. Extensive discussion attended by concerned LMRA directors ensued then the Director of Auditing and Development Ali Al-Kooheji explored the sector’s needs, taking into consideration the special nature of this sector.
LMRA CEO emphasized the need to convene further meetings in order to study cooperation between LMRA and the Health Sector in order to ensure satisfaction of all needs of the sector and to enable it to provide excellent quality health services.

LMRA CEO instructed LMRA officials to study facilitation of procedures and transactions for the health sector in compliance with LMRA rules and regulations. (IY)