Other side of the coin

Business owners in Bahrain feel vindicated and they face problems with contradictory laws seemingly passed every day.They feel they are harassed, blackmailed and ill treated by authorities. It sounds a bit absurd as we expatriates are always at the receiving end when it comes to harassment, blackmailing and ill treatment.

A friend of mine worked for one of the largest private sector companies in Bahrain. Even though agreements were made, he was never given the facilities as mentioned in the contract. He was finally terminated last year and was not paid his dues. Out of frustration he was forced to file a civil suit against the company. The matter is still pending in the courts and it’s due to the LMRA who recognised he was right that he was able to return to Bahrain and work with another sponsor.

Our esteemed businessmen feel they have lost their livelihood by paying LMRA fees. What about those thousands of people they ill-treat and send back without paying their dues, even cancelling their visas while they are on vacation? Or just waiting for a chance to deduct their workers’ salary for petty reasons.

It’s a chance for all businessmen to be fair to their workers before asking for the LMRA fees to be waived.

Give your workers their rights, reward them for their efforts, and make them feel they are wanted.

You will see your companies grow and profits rise. Then you will be able to pay these fees which are to benefit your fellow countrymen, who don’t enjoy the privileges that you enjoy and make Bahrain recognised in the world for justice, equality and freedom which it duly deserves.