Easy Exit awareness campaign extended to Iftar dinners

Bonny Mascarenhas

Flyers and information leaflets about the Easy Exit scheme are being distributed at car parks and Mosques at Iftar time, a spokesperson for the Janatha Cultural Centre (JCC) has revealed.

The JCC is currently organising an awareness campaign in conjunction with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and Radio Voice. The distributing of flyers is an extension of their main campaign which has included events screening video messages by LMRA officials, the ambassadors of India and Bangladesh and an official from the Pakistani Embassy.

During the events, shortclips featuring people who have taken advantage of the easy Exit scheme were also screened in order to encourage illegal workers to come forward and avail themselves of this scheme.

The events attracted over 100 workers every time. “We have already initiated road shows which target Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani workers. This is being extended to the distribution of flyers in places where there are likely to be people who may be living illegally,” Ameer Ali Paruvally, secretary of JCC and Public Relations head of Radio Voice, told Bahrain Tribune.

The distribution of flyers is to specifically target car washers and other expatriates who do odd jobs. In addition to working to raise awareness of the Easy Exit scheme, the JCC has also been helping a group of 113 workers who were mistreated by their employer.

The centre on Thursday provided an Iftar meal for the men and earlier distributed hampers to some of the men who left the Kingdom thanks to air tickets provided by the LMRA. JCC has urged the community to come forward and contribute other items to the workers who claim that they have not been paid their wages for three months.

“Small donations from our side will help them to at least return to their families with some gifts,” a JCC member stated. Easy Exit awareness campaign extended to Iftar dinners.