Simple logic…

Posted on » Tuesday, July 27, 2010

 As a comment on the front page article titled “LMRA sues firms” (GDN, July 22), I would like to congratulate the LMRA for taking the decision to sue these companies.

Most of these firms may seem quite national, but are obviously the main reason for the void of unemployment that has been created at the expense of Bahraini people.

Their aim is to ensure a maximum workflow at a below-average cost. And they have unsuccessfuly tried to avoid paying the nominal charge of BD10, which was enforced as a compensation for preferring to source their manpower from foreign countries (which in some cases proves to be a weekly routine, with a steady flow of non-Bahraini employees pouring into business).

But if they had chosen Bahraini employees instead to begin with, all the money spent, earned, and circulated would remain here at home, thus invigorating the same market that they are complaining about.

It’s a very simple logic really, and if I were a business owner myself, I would gladly respect the labour market laws first and then the beautiful citizens of Bahrain. And last but not least, the market which is in recession. Adel A R Jamal