Easy Exit road shows now targeting Thais, Filipinos

Leaflets about the Easy Exit scheme printed in Thai and Tagalog will soon be distributed in hotels, commercial apartments and fast food joints as part of an ongoing awareness drive.

The campaign is being organised by Radio Voice in coordination with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and Janatha Cultural Centre. “We have already initiated road shows which target the Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani communities. We are now extending it to include Thais and Filipinos,” Ameer Ali Paruvally, Secretary of JCC and Head of Public Relations for Radio Voice, told the 



Bahrain Tribune

following a road show held in Hamad Town. The team has held three similar events in the last two weeks, twice in Manama and once in Muharraq. The events include video messages from LMRA officials and the Indian and Bangladeshi ambassadors, as well as an official from the Pakistani Embassy. In addition to this, short video testimonies of people who availed themselves of the Easy Exit scheme are also shown. Puruvally explained that they are currently in talks with officials from the Philippine and Thai Embassies to also include messages from these ambassadors. “Our plan is to go to places which are frequented by members of thes communities and screen the videos,” Puruvally explained. The awareness drives which are conducted every weekend are also being attended by ambassadors and consular officials. Yesterday’s event in Hamad Town was attended by Bangladeshi Ambassador Mohamed Akbar Ali, First Secretary Muhammad Ibrahim and Counsellor Mohamed Saiful