‘Amnesty’ welcomed

My heart was overwhelmed with joy when I read the report ‘Drive launched to pardon illegal workers’ (GDN, May 26).I am beyond words to express gratitude that doors have been opened and illegal expatriates can leave after paying a one-off petty penalty.

All other reports of that day except ‘Death for business mourned’ and ‘Al Dana payouts delay rapped’ turned out to be insipid to me.

Now that the Bahrain government has shown mercy to the illegals, it is embassies’ responsibility to quickly act and request airlines to fly these hapless workers home free of cost or with a minimal charge.

If the Bahrain government can do it, why not ours? We must and should do it as a return gesture. We are equally responsible to help the government stem this free visa menace once and for all. Abraham Samuel (Bijji)