46 illegal expats were caught in joint raid executed by LMRA and municipalities last Friday

LMRA and four governorates, Capital, Muharraq, Northern and the Middle area have launched a joint raid resulted in catching 46 illegal expats selling goods on the roads in violation to LMRA, Municipalities and Immigration laws.

 The joint force of inspectors from LMRA and municipalities was accompanied by a police force in 8 areas during one day.

 Citizens are urged to report any illegal actions performed by illegal workers to the concerned municipality on the following numbers:

   39669884 Capital municipality

   17350000 Muharraq municipality

  39601714 Middle area municipality

  39644149 Northern municipality

 17656810 Southern municipality

 This is part of the national campaign to treat the irregular workers in Bahrain which was launched by LMRA earlier this year in cooperation with other government entities and NGOs.