Fees a back breaker!

It is very unfortunate to see a lot of companies struggling to meet the LMRA fees per employee per month.

It is especially severe on companies employing large number of staff.

I work in a construction company, which company struggles to pay the exorbitant bills every month. My company has refrained from deducting any amount from the staff salary but I know of reputed rogue companies who do so.

With the recession, the company cannot survive long if the current practice is kept up by the government.

It is impossible to hire Bahrainis for labour jobs and the LMRA fees for various sectors needs to be differentiated where Bahraini labour cannot be obtained. Even the top construction companies are finding it tough to meet the LMRA expenses.

If the government still insists on the fees, then they ought to have tiers of fees structure according to the number of employees a company has on its payroll.

I can assure you this practice cannot go on for long because the market economics will not allow growth in a productive manner.

Disappointed Joe.